Where to establish a Trust

There are a number of different countries worldwide that have enacted trust legislation but the quality and suitability of that legislation can vary. When selecting the best jurisdiction for establishing a trust it is important that it should offer:

  • A strong tradition of enforcing trusts
  • An English common law system
  • An established reputation for trust business
  • Modern legislation, including contemporary trust concepts
  • Low or no taxation for trusts.

Some jurisdictions are not recommended due to legal or political uncertainties or because their courts or professionals have limited trust experience. Other jurisdictions, whilst being noted for their expertise, have not kept pace with the modern trust legislation that offers additional benefits and protection to trust assets or are unsuitable because of high tax regimes.
The Swedish Trust generally recommends that Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Guernsey, Malta, Singapore, Cyprus and the Isle of Man are among the best available options and The Swedish Trust is fully licensed to act as professional trustees in all these jurisdictions.